Green Cotton Braided Rug

Green Cotton Braided Rug

  • $ 9988
  • Save $ 1012

Sweet collection of braided rugs that will charm you in color and when you lay them out and step out on them, ooo they feel so lovely! Soft cotton braided rugs come in a wonderful mix of sizes. 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester, totally reversible. Made in the USA so we can easily get you larger sizes(even larger than shown here), let us know what you are looking for.

Here we have three of our Braided Rugs with our Surf Rider Sham. These three rugs look so fun with our Surf Rider Ensemble, each picks up on different colors in our running square surf pattern.
(The rug under the sham is the Blue version.)
Right rolled right is our Green choice, the featured rug for this item.
(And the front rug is the Yellow variation.)
We will also feature this rug with other ensembles, check out those photos to see how great this rug blends, even if your room has another bedding pattern, or couch fabric. Choose your size from the drop down menu and the correct price will show up in your cart. Want to try a small rug for color? Great idea! Email us for ideas on making that cost effective.


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