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Bedding Sizes

Beach House Linens stocks bedding and sheets in 4 standard sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Eastern King. An Eastern King bed is also known as a Dual King bed since sometimes two twin beds are placed side by side to make one King Bed. We do not stock extra long fulls or queens.

  • Twin Mattress: 38x75"
  • Extra Long Twin: 38x80"
  • Full Mattress: 54x75"
  • Queen Mattress: 60x80"
  • King Mattress: 78x80"
  • California King Mattress: 72x84"
Bedspread Bedspreads cover the entire bed by folding over the bed pillows and hanging all the way to the floor on a standard bed. Standard beds have a drop of 21" from the top of the bed to the floor and 14" from the top of the boxspring to the floor. If a bed is higher than a standard bed, then a longer dust ruffle can be added to finish the look of the ensemble. Bedspreads tend to be not quite as thick and fluffy as comforters. Many bedspreads have coordinating shams to decorate the head of the bed, although they are not a necessity since bedspreads do cover the bed pillows.
Comforter Comforters cover the mattress, but not the boxspring. Since the top and bottom fabrics of a Comforter are quilted together with a filling material in between, they are usually fluffier and thicker than a bedspread or coverlet. Most often, a comforter is used with a dust ruffle to decoratively cover the boxspring and hang to the floor. Since a comforter is not long enough to cover the bed pillows, many people use shams.
Comforter Set A Comforter Set includes the comforter, 14" DROP DUST RUFFLE and SHAMS. Twin sets usually include only one sham. King Comforter Sets include two KING size SHAMS.
Cotton Cotton is a natural fiber which is valued in bedding for its soft and breathable nature. Two specific types of cotton are Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton. Typically, Egyptian cotton is any cotton grown in Egyptand is known for its high quality and absorbency. On the other hand, Pima cotton has strict standards on the length of the staple of the cotton. A longer staple means less cotton fibers are needed in the weave; therefore, there are less ends to fray in the fabric. High quality sheets are produced from both Egyptian and Pima cottons. Combed Cotton has been processed to remove any cotton strands which might later cause the sheet to pill; therefore, Combed Cotton products are higher quality.
Coverlet Coverlets fit a bed much like a comforter in that they cover the top of the bed only. Coverlets do not cover the bed pillows and do not hang to the floor, most often they are used in conjunction with a dust ruffle and shams. Lightweight like a quilt, coverlets are used in warm climates in the summer usually instead of a comforter or bedspread. During the cooler months, coverlets are folded on a quilt rack or placed at the end of the bed.
Daybed Daybeds are twin beds turned sideways. The term is derived from people using a special frame to make a twin bed dual purpose, both as a bed and for use as a couch. Daybed sets usually include a twin comforter, a daybed bedskirt(1 long side and 2 short with split corners for the bed frame) and either 3 standard shams for the back of the daybed or 2 king shams. Daybeds can use regular twin sheets. The main differences between a daybed and a twin bed are the bedskirt and the direction of the comforter since the bed is turned from a regular twin bed.
Drop The term Drop usually refers to the distance from the top of the bed to the floor or the distance from the top of the boxspring to the floor. The drop measurement is important when considering a bedspread to make sure the bedspread will fall to the floor. Standard drop from the top of the bed to the floor is 21". The drop measurement is important for comforters and coverlets when choosing the dust ruffle. The drop on the dust ruffle is measured from the top of the boxspring to the floor. Standard drop on a dust ruffle is 14" and most comforter sets include a dust ruffle with a 14" drop. If the drop on a bed is higher than 14", then a longer dust ruffle can be layered underneath to hang/drop all the way to the floor.
Dust Ruffle A Dust Ruffle is used when the boxspring of the bed is showing or when the top of the bed cover, like a bedspread or comforter, does not extend all the way to the floor. Dust ruffles fit under the mattress and on top of the boxspring and decorate with fabric to the floor. Typical beds need a 14" dust ruffle, but higher beds could require an 18" or even 22" dust ruffle. Many Four Poster beds take a 22" dust ruffle. To measure for a dust ruffle, measure from the top of the box spring to the floor. If a bed measures 17" for a dust ruffle, an 18" dust ruffle can be pinned to fit exactly. Most dust ruffles are either ruffled or tailored.
Duvet Cover Duvet Covers are used to decorate and protect down filled comforters and blankets. They work like giant pillow cases and usually have a button or tiew enclosure at one end. The Covers can be washed easily and so protect your cozy down comforter, which would be much harder to launder every week! Europeans use Duvet Covers instead of top flat sheets so they prefer a higher thread count so a softer duvet. Higher thread count duvet covers also help keep any down that might escape the comforter from a complete get away. Buy 2 duvet covers and change them for a new look every week or month.
Egyptian Cotton Egyptian Cotton is a long staple cotton, valued for its softness and texture. Longer staple fibers help produce a softer fabric, either sheet or towel. Egyptian cotton also is known for its high absorbency and so valued in towels.
Flanged Pillows that are described as Flanged include a decorative band of fabric around the pillow that is more straight, or tailored, than a ruffled pillow.
Percale Percale describes the most common weave for bed sheets. Percale sheets are minimum 180 thread count, but can also be higher thread counts. Customers looking for a crisp sheet will prefer the Percale weave over the Sateen weave. Percale sheets are generally less likely to pill than other weaves of sheets, especially in higher thread counts.
Pillows Pillows are used in the home for comfort and decoration, following are some notes to help you keep them straight:

Bed Pillows

  • Soft: Great for stomach sleepers. Try down pillows or Royal Egypt
  • Medium: Great for back sleepers, need more support that stomach sleepers.
  • Firm: Best for side sleepers. Primaloft and Beautyrest pillows are perfect.

Decorative Pillows

  • Boudoir: Rectangular pillows of various widths, work well in a set of three pillows or in a chair.
  • 17" Square: Ususally corded, fringed, or knife edge(plain), used on beds and sofas. Mix and match.
  • 26" Square: Called a Euro pillow(includes pillow) or sham(just the covering). Used as a floor pillow and most commonly used by our customers as a reading pillow behind shams on the bed.
Pima Cotton Pima Cotton is along staple cotton, creating by combining Egyptian cotton and cotton grown from the Pima Indians in the southwestern United States. It is weel know to be the finest cotton because of its long staple.
Polyester Polyester is a man-made fiber, valued for its longevity and ease of care. Fabrics made of polyester wrinkle less than a cotton fabric and do not typically shrink like cotton. Such fabrics do not breathe like cotton, however, and are not typically as soft as cotton.
Quilt Quilts are made from sewing different fabrics together to make design. Patterns for sewing the pieces of fabric together are handed down through the generations. Quilts are usually smaller than comforters and so usually need a dust ruffle and shams if used as a top of the bed covering. Many times, because of their lightweight nature, quilts are used as bedcoverings in the summer, much like coverlets. Quilts are even used as wall hangings to show off the hand work involved in creating a beautiful quilt.
Sateen Sateen describes a kind of weave in a fabric which makes for a smoother finish than tradition weaves. Sateen fabric on a comforter creates a shiny finish, while sheets with a sateen weave are silky smooth and soft. Customers looking for a crisp sheet(expecially those who iron their sheets) would prefer the Percale weave.
Shams Shams are decorative pillow covers. Usually ruffled or flanged, shams are used as extra pillows on beds to hide the bed pillows and coordinate with the outer bed covering, like a bedspread or comforter. Shams come in three sizes:
  • Standard: 20x26" (use standard or queen pillow)
  • King: 20x36" (use king pillow)
  • Euro: 26x26" (use square euro or reading pillow)
  • Sheet Set Sheet Sets include the flat/top sheet, fitted/bottom sheet and pillow cases. A twin size set includes one pillow case, full and queen include two standard/queen pillow cases and a king set includes two king size pillow cases.
    Thread Count Different levels of softness are measured by the Thread Count in sheets. With each higher thread count, the weave of the sheet is tighter, making the sheet more smooth and soft. A thread count of 180 is the minimum most consumers look for in a comfortable sheet. Moving up to a 200 count sheet is usually not that much more costly and is really a softer sheet. The 250 thread count sheet is wonderfully soft and durable. Higher count sheets are also less likely to pill, or make those little round balls that are uncomfortable to sleep on.

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