Laundering How-To

For Quilts, we recommend a large capacity front loader with just the quilt or a commercial sized washer. Quilts are larger than clothes, some are pieced and so if in a washer too small it could pull at the seams when washing.  We suggest drying in the dryer on low, but we like to dry to damp(almost dry) and then air dry on a line or railing.  This preserves the cotton by making sure it does not get too hot and so the threads that quilt it hold up longer and the quilt stays youthful looking.  This is actually recommended for all cotton, be it sheets or towels.  If they are piping hot out of the dryer, the cotton threads will start to break down.

We have Bedspreads from several manufacturers and workrooms, each has their own care instructions.  Some are Dry Clean Only and some are Machine Wash Only.  For any that are Machine Wash, they must go in a commercial washing machine.  Bedspreads of any size are too large to squeeze into a home machine and spin properly with so much bulk in one piece.

All Sheets must be washed separately from other home goods.  Anything that lints could expose your sheets to rubbing on the fibers and cause pilling(the little balls you find on sheets sometimes).  Washing your sheets separately will dramatically decrease the chance that your sheets will pill.  Cotton sheets can be washed on any temperature you like, please only dry them to damp or just-dry.  Too hot in the dryer and you are likely to have fiber breakdown and a shorter life for your sheets.  Bamboo Rayon sheets cannot be washed on hot and they should definitely be removed as soon as just -dry from the dryer.  All sheets come with care instructions in the packaging, please read before discarding.  Fold Sheets right away when dry to help avoid wrinkles. 

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