FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if the color I see online is the same color it looks like in reality?  An excellent question!  First, we use many photos when possible just to show you the best images of every item, some in different settings with different light(reality!)  And often those photos will have products shown together, both for color and scale in addition to helping you coordinate product from different manufactures and collections.  We also recently started taking photos with paint swatches, the Pantone colors from Lowes Hardware stores and Sherman Williams swatch book.  So, if you have access to either of these paint swatches then you can easily tell a product's color reality comparing our photos to the swatch in your hand.  But most importantly, on the rare occasion a customer returns a product and says it does not look like the photo, we immediately review photos for that product and our description to make sure they are the best images possible.  Computer monitors can be tuned differently, but we try to make shopping with us fun and easy.

An item says "Just sold out, this item will be available for shipment in 1-2 weeks.  Order now & this item will backorder."  This item in this size or color is out of stock today but is expected in 1-2 weeks.  If the item has a longer expected shipdate, we will email you directly about your order.  At Beach House Linens we partial-ship an order when the majority of the items are available to ship and can backorder (ship at a later date) any items that are currently out of stock.  If a major piece of an order is out of stock, i.e. the comforter/quilt, we will wait and ship the smaller items with the larger items.  Orders shipping to non-continental addresses usually ship complete as one shipment is generally less expensive than several.

An 18" bedskirt is too long for my standard bed?  A longer bedskirt gives you options!  With a bedskirt that is too short, you wind up with what we call in Eastern NC "a high tider's bed!"  But with a longer bedskirt, you can run a simple straight hem to make it just perfect(often your dry cleaners can hem for a nominal charge) or you can pin to fit just right.  We prefer long T-pins, they look like a  T,  just get the bedskirt where you like it and pin 6" to a foot towards the middle so you won't stick yourself changing the sheets.  A handy southern way is to use a span of tape, perhaps not duct tape in this scenario maybe clear packing tape, and fold the platform fabric in the middle of the boxspring in a long stripe-then tape down. The weight of the mattress helps hold this method in place.

Why do my sheets wrinkle? Currently we have mostly all-cotton sheets in our lines and simply put, cotton wrinkles. When folks say "when I used to buy sheets they lasted for 20 years and never wrinkled," they most likely had a blended cotton/polyester sheet as that was the standard before about 15 years ago. And if you buy a cotton sheet that is labeled "wrinkle-free" then the fibers have been chemically broken down so they wrinkle less and also wear out faster. Ok, maybe more information than you wanted but...we know sheets, we carry manufacturers who make quality sheets and overall customers are happy with the sheets they sleep on from Beach House Linens. Care instructions from customer service at Traditions, "We tell our customers that fine cotton sheets look best when removed from the dryer promptly and folded. Even better would be to remove them slightly dampish and use hands to flatten as you fold. After that, If they really want no wrinkles I'd say go polyester! That was a joke of course! hehe."  Home Source also recommends taking both towels and sheets out slightly damp. If too dry, the cotton gets crispy and the fibers break down. Damp, like not wet, just not fried, know what I mean? And, always wash sheets by themselves, never-ever with anything that lints(like towels) as the lint causes the pilling on a sheet.

Why do my towels lint?  Shedding and pilling are all about fiber length, the twist and structural integrity of the yarn, and to a lesser extent the structure of the fabric. As a general rule, longer stapled fibers, more even fiber lengths within a yarn, more tightly spun yarns, and more tightly woven or knitted fabrics will lead to less shedding and pilling. Hi-quality bamboo, tencel, and other rayon fibers will not pill badly, since the regenerated fibers are meters and meters long. Cotton is, sadly, a very short-stapled fiber and so is more likely to lint. Egyptian/higher quality cotton is sometimes longer stapled.  Please note that washing any fiber towels with fabric softeners will coat the terry fibers, creating a barrier and prevent them from being as absorbent.  Beach House Linens carries high quality towels that are soft without fabric softeners.

How do swatches work?  Items that can be sent as swatches are in the fabric by the yard section and there is a separate group for just swatches(to be clear when folks order and since swatches are free).  Swatches come up free and then when you cart is totaled, the $3 processing charge is added.  Of course if you purchase regular items as well, then standard shipping for those applies and then the swatches are super free.
Many items are not available as swatches as they are imported finished and we do not have yardage to cut and send(most quilts for example).  Some customers order a group of shams to see pattern, color and construction of things they are trying to decide between.  We do not have a restocking fee, items can be returned in original packaging, unused and unwashed within 30 days for a full refund except shipping.

What is the difference between a quilt and a coverlet?  Not much really!  Sometimes a coverlet can be quilted and is then a quilted coverlet.  Often we call a quilted coverlet a coverlet as opposed to a quilt simply to distinguish the style of the bed cover so that our coastal customers will not guess that a "quilt" is an old-fashioned style(like a "wedding ring" for example). Generally a quilt uses lightweight cottons that are pieced and quilted together and then called a quilt.
Both are used to cover the mattress only, not to the floor.  Sometimes a coverlet has extra length for a pillow tuck, quilts never do.  We put measurements on all of our bedding so you can tell the drop on the three sides and if there is enough for a pillowtuck at the head of the bed we describe that too.  Splish Splash coverlet does have a pillow tuck, for example. 
A bedspread would be a different animal, supposed to fall nearly to the floor and have a pillowtuck at the head of the bed, in every case.

What is the difference between a sham and a pillow? Another great question.  Shams are covers and are not stuffed.  Pillow shams are usually sold in our store in the three bed pillow sizes: Standard 20x30", King 20x36", and Euro square 26x26".  And the filler pillow are named as above.
Pillows are stuffed, usually with a polyester fill but more and more are filled with down and feather or another more eco-friendly stuffing.  Those specialty stuffers are listed in the product description and they usually up the price in the finished pillow as those fills are more expensive.  So basically a Pillow is ready to go, already stuffed and ready for your couch or bed.  Many of our pillows do have covers that zipper off for spot cleaning but still the filler is included in the pillow price.
And why not stuff the shams?  Most folks already have nice pillows for their shams or maybe they are ready for new sleeping pillows and they will replace their sham pillows with their just used bed pillows.  Having shams makes it easy to change your bed because all you need to store in your linen closet is a folded sham and not a whole bed set of pillows.

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