Bronze 30" Display Stand

  • $ 6900

Add visual interest in any bathroom, kitchen, or dining room with these attractive 3 or 4 tiered obelisk stands. Finished in a beautiful and attractive mahogany paint, these will fit in anywhere.  Perfect for everyday use whee you need more space!  Also great for entertaining when you have a buffet set up and need that extra bit of counter, and then these stands fold up flat for easy storage when not in use.

Easy assembly, stand arrives flat then folds open and the shelves pop into place.  Screws hold one shelf in so stand is securely open.

3 Tier: Shelf Dimensions:LG: 9.75"SQ, MD: 8.5"SQ, SM: 6.75"SQ
Total Dimensions: 30.25"h x 11.25"w x 11.25"d  

4 Tier:  Shelf Dimensions:  XL: 11.25", LG: 9.75"SQ, MD: 8.5"SQ, SM: 6.75"SQ
Assembly required:  40"h x 12.5"w x 12.5"d  

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