Jen Callahan Collection

Rugs and pillows in bright color.  From the artist's website

"Seeing my work the first time people often say, “This is so different!” And I always say back to them that my goals in painting are first that you can look across the room and say, “That’s a Jen Callahan painting and second, that the painting makes the viewer feel happy.  In addition, I want you to see the animal’s movement in the painting. I hope that I can paint animal life that looks alive and I use color to exaggerate their movement.  I want to impart the characteristic of the individual animal so that you can feel their power, how gracefully they can move with their bodies, fins or feathers.   How strong they are in their movement through the air and waters of life. I love showing parts of animals close up and use the negative space and shapes in an animal or person that people might not ordinarily notice."

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