How we updated well-loved tables with a new fresh facelift and a dye-job in a driftwood-like coloration

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For years my kids have loved these two tables but it's time for them to have a new purpose and also, a new fresh look.  Both tables have endured years of cups leaving water rings, arts and crafts with crayons and tape and more.  So for their new look we started with some extra rough sandpaper and our sander and got to work!

Here is the BEFORE:

So, wow, my kids really enjoyed these 2 tables!  But thankfully they were wood tops and all I  had to do was sand and sand and sand and sand...

Ah, look how that smaller table is so shiny and new compared to the larger table in the set.  Just sanded with course sandpaper on the 8-hole circle sander, then medium then fine. 

Phew, much better, starting point for both.  Man, they look so amazing, maybe  I should leave them as is!

But, I have decided to do an antiqued finish with an oxidizing wood stain made from a solution of vinger and steel wool.  Simple to make, just drop a steel wool cleaning pad in a jar with vineger, even apple cider vinegar(leave in the jar for an hour to 24 hours).  Together, they form a chemical reaction that once applied to wood, reacts to give the wood an aged look.  Here are photos that show the application over a period of time.  Note the larger one compared to the smaller table:


Was so interesting watching the color change in the wood, you can see the change in the smaller table compared to the larger table.  After some sanding and lacquer, each table turned out amazing.  So happy with them!

So, get out your sander.  Start spinning off the years of use: glass condensation rings, kids taping stuff to your table and coloring on the table, etc.  Sand them off, paint or stain how you please and give your furniture new life!

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