Shopping online for home decor can be tough, here's how we make it Easy!

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Beach House Linens knows how difficult it can be to see colors and match items together when you are shopping online.  Yes, you can put them in the cart together and look at two photos side by side, but what if you need more?  We have a simple solution!  We use our instagram account for just that purpose(and also to punch up new things, each new shipment is like Christmas!) so all you have to do is scroll through our instagram pages to see what we have matched up for other people. Like this from today:

Cora Coral shower curtain with 3 amazing choices in rugs.  Each labeled with a link to the page with even more photos and description!

In addition, we have lots of customers with paint colors to match.  We have the Sherman Williams paint guides and swatches from the Pantone colors at Lowe's, an amazing quantity of colors!  See how we put some things together for customers with paint questions:

So give us a shout and we can make your home shopping experience as rich as shopping with items in hand!  We love to help you decorate.  Check us out on Instagram!

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