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This weekend everyone was abuzz about what color a dress was-is it gold and white or blue and black?  Color is all about perception, I am sure we have all had the discussion over "is that more blue or more green?"  At Beach House Linens we have one pattern, Natural Shells, that is a favorite of everyone both online and in person.  But I totally see it as a blue aqua and have had both customers and staffers see it as more green.  Here is Natural Shells in two images, one is the bed and it shows the main shell print in a "robin's egg" color.  Also shown is the Seahorse pillow that is part of the collection, the darker outside coordinate is very blue(to me!) and helps me see the quilt ensemble as more blue.  But I have tried to match Natural Shells with solid blues, aquas and greens for extra yardage, because as a best seller sometimes customers need custom window or fabric for recovering a chair for example, and it is not easy.  We have only offered a taupe coordinate because finding that perfect match for the shell print is difficult!  Thankfully, this ensemble has just about everything you need so finding yardage is not urgent, Natural Shells has a coordinate bedskirt, draperies, valance, shower curtain and more! 


And today my cousin posted this very interesting article about the origin of the color Blue and it just fit with the dress discussion and this best selling pattern but its quirks.  Blue is my favorite color and I am astounded to learn that it is the last color to be "seen."  I know you just read my blog to here, but read this article and enjoy!    

An exerpt:

Until relatively recently in human history, "blue" didn't exist, not in the way we think of it.

As the delightful Radiolab episode "Colors" describes, ancient languages didn't have a word for blue — not Greek, not Chinese, not Japanese, not Hebrew. And without a word for the color, there's evidence that they may not have seen it at all.

Update 1-12-16  Recently photographed Natural Shells with paint chips from Sherman Williams and I favor the SW6484 Meander Blue with the quilt and SW6483 Buoyant blue with it's coordinate pillow:

Sherman Williams paint swatches with Natural Shells Quilt 

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