Dorm Life centers around your Bed, get bedding you love

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dorm Life, choose your Twin and XL Twin Comforters here

It's here.  Time to prepare for Dorm Life.(or even Camp Life!)  The first and most important thing you need is your bedding.  In the Dorm, your bed is your couch, your chair, your study spot, your all-important nap spot, your kitchen table, and (at some point past your high school curfew) your actual sleep spot!  In a room often shared with someone else; your bed not only shows your style, it gives you 3120 square inches of me-space. 

Now what size?  Hopefully the Dorm gurus have let you know whether you have a regular Twin or an XL Twin.  A standard twin bed measures 39" wide by 75" long.  An XL (Extra Long) Twin measures 39" wide by 80" long.  And those 5" make a huge difference especially for your guy freshman.  So if your bed is an XL Twin you must have Twin XL sheets so the bottom sheet will fit on the mattress.  Most any Twin comforter will do because you don't have to tuck it in, but having one slightly longer is nice.  We give you all the measurements with anything we show online so you can make good choices.

College XL Twin comforters and sheets

College Life Comforters and Sheets

College Life Comforters and Sheets

What else?  O my, you will definitely want a mattress pad.  I am sure the person before you was A-Mazing but hey, let's start as fresh as possible.  We suggest a waterproof mattress pad because if you do use the bed for a kitchen table, you might just spill your soda when you are reaching for another cold slice of pizza.  A waterproof pad is a lovely barrier on top and from bottom, if you know what I mean...

Shams and pillows are lovely to have too in a dorm.  Sitting on the floor, need a pillow, or three.  Trying to read a jumbo textbook in bed, or situate your tablet to not have glare, pillows. Best friend from high school visiting the school?  Must have pillows.

  • Twin Mattress: 39"x75"
  • XL Twin Mattress: 39"x80"

Check out our College Shop here.  Thanks for visiting us at Beach House Linens!

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  • So cute! so hard to choose between the chevron prints, but my roommate and I got one of each color so we are the same but different. Can’t wait til August

    Jill R on

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